A bit of mirth and sadness

  The yellow racing turtle

I have bought a racing turtle

  He arrived the other day

He trots around the yard

  I like to watch him play

The neighbour looked over the fence

  I heard the blighter say

We should open up the gate

   And let him run a way

I took my new pet inside

  I did not want to see him go

He looked so happy in the yard

   Running to and fro

I took a brush to wood

And painted up a sign

Dangerous racing turtle

  Do not cross this line

I have now bought little collar

  To put around his neck

That’s if I can find it

  When I come to inspect

 I take him walking on a chain

  He runs along in front

He tugs the chain as he runs

  Making a funny piggy grunt

He runs back to and fro

  As he quickly runs along

He only stops to cock his leg

 Golly what a smelly pong

The local cats and dogs

  They quickly run away

They do not like my turtle

  They never come to play

 I took him to the beach to play

   For a run upon the sand

When I picked him up to go

  He bit me on the hand

I let him have a swim one day

  He swam far out in the sea

He just kept on swimming

  And never came back to me

 I miss my yellow turtle

   From when he swam away

I go to the beach looking

  He may come back one day

Published by jamescalderwood2013jimcaldy

learned most of my skills in the school of hard knocks

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