Dirty flies

Them Coober Pedy Flies

                   Youse run around my dusty face

                   You Coober Pedy flies

                 Running in me mouth and nose

                    Then in me bloomin eyes

                 Where did youse come from

                            You smelly little flies

                 Sucking out the moisture

                    Right out of me bleary eyes

                 Did youse come from a dunny

                    Or some other smelly place

                 Before you came a dancing

                     And to be on me dusty face

                 Did you come from old Harry

                   Out front of his opal mine

                 Out of the leg of them trousers

                   Where the sun would never shine

                 I took a huge swipe at me face in rage

                   And nearly knocked off me head

                 It almost made me senseless

                   There was about twenty dead

                Forty mates came in their place

                  To have a bloomin wake

                They flew in and out my eyes

                      looking for the bloody cake

                   I have since in me mind decided

                     If outside is for me to toil

                   The will be some drastic changes

                     I’ll cover me face in dirty oil

Published by jamescalderwood2013jimcaldy

learned most of my skills in the school of hard knocks

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