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Hi, I am an Australian author who has had hands on experiences in most books I have written Bernado’s Circus is different. I was laid up for a long time with a very badly fractured leg some years ago. To pass the time I watched many documentaries on pay TV on World War 2 and the Nazi atrocities against many minority groups. I have a memory like an elephant. I never forget. Something to do with my Scottish heritage. We never forget who did us wrong, even after four hundred years. I worked part time in the opal industry and have met some very different characters Some of these people would steal the pennies off a dead man’s eyes. I am looking for a distributor for my books. I do have some very interesting stories with quite unique slants on many scenes and subjects. My titles are listed below and are available on Ingram and Amazon     James

G’Day I am an Australian author, inventor, farmer, opal miner and property developer amongst other things. I have four books in my stable at present and am desperately looking for sales.

My titles are ‘Opal Eggs Of Fire’. This is a story of Australian farmers facing the third year of drought. The sheep and crops are dying and the bank is threatening to sell their farm, Interest rates are a crippling 20%. The next-door farm has two old characters who have been to Coober Pedy and found some good opal and have paid off the bank. John and Tony accompany them to Coober Pedy where they drill up some very good opal. They take the old farm dozer to dig out the claim and find millions of dollars in opal, including four large black opalized dinosaur eggs worth over a million dollars each. The town thieves set about trying to steal these and the large stash of cash in the old safe. Sixty different nationalities work at Coober Pedy. Some of these people do not know the meaning of honesty

‘The Opal Dragon’ is a rewrite asked for by an Adelaide movie producer. He wanted one of the town thieves to be bought to the fore in this book. Ali The Dragon a small-time pimp and thief in the local market steals a bag of money and jewelry and enters the local drug trade. He leaves the Philippines after hearing the local mafia is going to tech him and his mother to swim with chain around their legs. He murders one of the Mafia boss’s before leaving for Australia. He finds the local opal industry and joins with the local opal thieves to buy their opal. The characters from Opal Eggs Of fire are included in    Bryce Courtney style where the two opposing characters cross paths in this book.

‘Great White Shark Tales is a collage of interesting stories I have been told mostly relating to the sea and some of its inhabitants, like the Great White Shark, the oceans ace predator. If not recorded many of these tales would soon be lost forever.

Read stories like the fisherman who dad his fishing cutter attacked by a huge shark who tore a hole in the bottom causing it to sink. What does fred do next. Is he going to be the sharks next meal. Fred always said he was the man who had lived twice.

Watch as a huge shark jumps out of the ocean and grabs a small seal which had been swimming around your small dinghy as you were fishing. The dinghy nearly capsises from the wash as the shark hits the water with the seal in his mouth. How fast will the small three horsepower motor go at full speed.

An Abalone diver in sixty feet of water is beibg circled by a large Great white Shark . Yo have backed into a cleft in a large rock. The shark is getting closer as he passes by

Bernado’s Circus follows the plight of a nine-year old Polish Gypsy lad who witnesses his parents and clan being exterminated by the SS during WW2. Bernado finally is caught stealing to try to survive and is sent to an orphanage where conditions are foul beyond belief. Bernado is attacked by one of the priests on numerous occasions. He stabs this priest in the eye and escapes. After working clearing bombed building sites he starts to find stray dogs who he train to make money when not working. A ring master of a large circus sees one of the performances and invites Bernado to join the circus. The young Bernado is an instant hit with the pretty girls in the circus. The girls take the willing pupil to teach him the facts of life. Bernado teaches two of his dogs to accompany him on nightly forays to steal purses and cases from unsuspecting victim as the circus travels from town to town. He is making a small fortune.  Sex scenes as in Fifty shades of Grey are in this Erotic novel. I am working on my fifth book at this time. This is the story of a friend who was a money magnet in the Opal fields He found millions of dollars and had problems with fast cars, slow horses and, expensive women  

                                        Kind regards James A Calderwood Struggling author

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Bernado’s Circus

Bernado hears gunfire as he returns to his parents and relatives who are Polish Gypsies trying to flee to Romania during WW2. As he approaches the camp he sees a Nazi SS kill squad murdering his parents and clan. He follows the troops and polish prisoners after they have tssed the bodies of his clan ont trucks. He follows the trucks, making sure he has not been seen and watches as the people are tossed into a large freshly dug grave. He returns to where his mother and sister were slain and sits near the fresh blood on the ground. He makes an oath to at some time have revenge on the one eyed man with the theee missing fingers of his left hand who was commanding the troops.

Bernado has never felt so alone in all of his nine and a half years before. He finally wipes the tears from his face and walks past the burned wagons and dead horses. he has no idea as to where to go as the clan had been travelling in the forest for more than a week. He is afraid some animal like some wolves or wild boars may get him as he sleeps at night. Just before nightfall he finds a large oak tree he can climb to be safe. he has his fathers knife which was in a scabbard near where the now dead horses were tethered.