Nikki The Greek

I am back in Coober Pedy looking for the elusive opal in a dump we pushed out a lot of money thirty years ago. The first day’s work was a fizzer. help me by crossing your fingers for me tomorrow.

I am still doing more research for my fifth book about the Greek miner who ripped off all of the people who worked with him. His ten percent interest usually turned into a one percent deal. I have put this book on hold for over twelve months following my nasty case of Sepsis (blood Poisoning) where i was lucky not to have lost my hands and feet to this nasty virus. I was in hospital in la la land for three weeks . My concentration has just returned. We are at Coober Pedy for three weeks just processing a dump we worked thirty years ago to try and find a pocket of opals we pushed out by accident. The first day was a fizzer. I am hoping to find this tomorrow or the next day. Catch a look at Great White Shark Tales. and meet up with some of the scary inhabitants of the seas. You will look over the side of the boat when fishing to check on the visitors. Cheers friends James

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learned most of my skills in the school of hard knocks

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